Our Solutions

We aim to offer a variety of solutions that meet our customer business needs and improve total performance regardless of their size using our experience in Egypt, Africa & the GCC.

HW Infrastructure

If a company’s hardware infrastructure is flexible, dependable, and secure, it can help them achieve their objectives and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Businesses may face connectivity, productivity, and security issues if an hardware infrastructure isn’t properly implemented, such as system disruptions and breaches. Overall, whether or not a business is profitable depends on how well its infrastructure is implemented

Networking solutions

Our Networking solutions allow you to plan ahead for your expansion while staying within budget.

Our certified support professionals ensure that your network meets the highest levels of availability, with service level agreements that meet the most stringent telecom requirements.

To address enterprise networking and mobility challenges, the ECCA team designs and builds enterprise network solutions.

Data Center Solutions

ECCA work with cutting-edge solutions in this fast-paced industry, and we work with our customers to help them navigate the plethora of data centre options to find the best fit for their needs.

Data Center Architecture is a specialty of ECCA. We have a lot of experience using cutting-edge technology to build data centers from the ground up, ensuring the best return on investment and the most efficient growth.

Light Current Solutions

ECCA provide complete light current systems starting from designthrough the supply and installation and maintenance.

ECCA have a selection of the best specialized engineers and technicians at the highest level of efficiency.

We provide our customers with an outstanding technical experience which gives more confidence and credibility , as we have a previous experience with the largest companies in Egypt.

Passive solutions

ECCA offers the widest range of network infrastructures, all of which can be customized to meet your specific requirements and include a roadmap for future integration.

Unlike the Active Components, Passive components don’t require electric power to operate. This could include Fiber cables, Fiber connectors, Power cables, Power connections.
ECCA is responsible for your infrastructure using fiber technologies, taking current standards into account that are adapted to your needs.

Solar Systems solutions

With a proven track record in solar, global presence, and expertise from solar systems to grid connection and integration to smart grids and microgrids, ECCA is your expert partner.

ECCA has the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of products, systems, solutions, and services to improve the performance, reliability, and return on investment of any solar installation, from residential rooftops to commercial and industrial applications, as well as utility-scale power plants.

UPS Solutions

Standby power remains critical to the continuity of any firm that relies on IT systems in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.

ECCA UPS Systems solutions will deliver the right solution to support any business infrastructure, whether you need short-term power to bring IT systems to a controlled shutdown or a fully integrated standby power system to keep your business running continuously, irrespective of external power supplies.

Our objective is to give complete client support and service, from the first consultation to installation, commissioning, and thorough after-sales service, handling your entire project from start to finish

Power Solutions

ECCA offers a variety of electrical engineering and consulting services for the Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, and Mission Critical markets. We provide our clients with cost-effective design, commissioning, integration, and infrastructure management solutions.

A company’s growth should never be impeded or slowed by avoidable technical limitations imposed by existing power hardware.

ECCA engineers flexible, scalable systems that are built to be easy to expand as needed to accommodate increased demands for power protection to help companies prepare for increased success.

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Who We Are

We Can Take Your Business To The Next Level.

ECCA is owned by Egyptian Engineers which was been founded more than 3 years ago and now has over 60 employees, a presence in more than 3 countries, and total revenues exceeding 50 M EGP.

ECCA Founded in 2019 as an organization dedicated to providing turnkey technical solutions for the telecom sector and power.

Including best of Power solutions, HW Infrastructure, Networking, light current, Datacenter, Passive, and consumers.


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